A location where various ethnicities and peoples from across Ethiopia are represented.

City life: Megnagna is the melting point of several nationalities. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis is really a melting point of several people. It is a place where you can find several nation nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia living in harmony.

Megnagna is one of the places in Addis where one can witness this melting point. It is the place where the Amhara, Oromo, Tigre, South Nation Nationalities, and others live and work in harmony. For your information, Megnagna means in a local Amharic language conjunction point.

In Megnagna streets one can see street vendors selling various types of commodities. They sell avocado, used clothes, Chinese made household items, shies, cereals, fruits, and others.

Beggars and pickpockets are unique features of Megnagna. In Megnagna both Beggars and pickpockets use all techniques to get your sympathy and to get their «Daily Bread».

The eyes of Megnagna Pickpockets are always unto passersby pockets. Whenever they feel comfortable, they only need seconds to snatch mobile phones with seconds without the awareness of the owner.

Trade in Megnagna street is not simple as it seems. Since it is illegal form of marketing it is common to see police officers and street vendors playing hide and seek games. For that reason, no street vendor is stable and comfortable. Whenever they see police officers, they will collect all their belongings and run into the place where they feel secured and return back with the courage to sell at least one item. This hide and seek game between police officers and street vendors will happen the whole day and it is something funny and entertaining.